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NOTÖRIOUS is a four piece Glam/Heavy Metal band from Bergen, Norway. The band was officially formed in 2018, but both musically and style vice, their roots come from the iconic bands of the 70s and 80s. NOTÖRIOUS takes great pride in their live performances, and they always give 110%. What you see is what you get, and that is the four guys rippin` it up on stage, giving you the finest of bone crushing, ear deafening Rock N Roll. Party guaranteed! The band sets itself apart by their ability to mix different genres and styles, into their music, yet still maintaining that old school sound. Experienced listeners say: “I got the feeling of being back in the 80s/90s!”. Listeners who aren’t so familiar with the genre say: “I didn’t think I liked Heavy Metal, but this is awesome!”. Being a band from Bergen, its natural for NOTÖRIOUS to mix Black Metal with catchy riffs, high-pitched screams and irresistible choruses. With this the band we have created a new genre. They call their music: “True Norwegian Glam Metal”.


Chris Höudini


Nikki DiCato


Andy Sweet

2023-05-21 14-09-33_edited.jpg

Freddy Kixx

Upcoming Shows: 

More Dates to Come

"MARCHING ON" - Out Now!

We released our second album, Marching On, on January 19th 2024. The album was released through Pride and Joy Music 

Pride And Joy Web Shop

Track Listing: 

1. Intro | 2. Manimal | 3. All Night | 4. Ain’t No Stoppin’ (feat. Mark Boals) |

5. Ten Minutes | 6. Eternal Fire | 7. Remember You | 8. Venom |

9. Marching On (feat. Henrik Skar)



We released our debut album, GLAMORIZED, on March 31st 2020. The album was released through Sliptrick Records, and they printed 2000 CDs. 

Track Listing: 01. Gunnerside | 02. Flying High | 03. Notorious | 04. Have A Good Time| 05. Friday Night | 06. I Walked In | 07. Run For Your Life | 08. Seducer | 09. Summer Nights | 10. Tonight (Gonna Get It)

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